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The ClimMani project

ClimMani is a Research Networking Programme under the European Science Foundation (ESF). ClimMani involves at present 14 European countries and links more than 50 climate change related field scale experiments. ClimMani is networking with similar experiments and activities in US and Australia.

ClimMani aims to provide an umbrella for coordinated activities bringing together researchers, data and knowledge from past and ongoing European climate manipulation research projects in order to synthesise the knowledge and improve ecosystem models.

ClimMani Annual workshop in

Mikulov, Czech Republic, 4-7th June 2013:

The final ClimMani workshop will be held in Mikulov in Czech republic on "SCALING CLIMATE CHANGE EXPERIMENTS ACROSS SPACE AND TIME: Challenges of informing large-scale models with small-scale experiments", June 4-7th 2012. The meeting is organised jointly with the US netowrk for climate change experiments INTERFACE. A limited number of participants can be supported upon request. Also, PhD students can be supported. Please check the programme for instructions for application

The workshop will focus on four themes:

  • What have we learned from work on elevational and environmental gradients?

  • Scaling from small plots to landscapes and regions: what works, and what doesn't?

  • Drivers of biome shifts: Making small-scale measurements of disturbance, tipping points, thresholds, and mortality relevant for large-scale models

  • Trait responses to environmental change - Maximizing the benefits of trait information and moving from static to dynamic traits

Workshop on N-fixing plant invasion in cold climates
Was held in Furka Pass, Swiss Central Alps 18-21 September 2012
See Report here

ClimMani Annual workshop in Croatia: ClimMani organised a workshop on "Extreme weather conditions and consequences for terrestrial ecosystems" in Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 5-8th 2012
See report here

ClimMani organised a conference/workshop on "Nutrient constraints on the net carbon balance" in Keflavik, Iceland, June 15-17th 2011 together with the US network INTERFACE

The workshop included sessions on:

  • Carbon availability as a control of carbon sequestration

  • Nitrogen limitation and nitrogen fixation

  • Phosphorus limitations to plant growth and microbial processes

  • Acidity and base cation availability as a controlling factor on soil carbon sequestration

  • Ecological adaptation and its impacts, interactions and controls on resource availability

  • Nitrogen limitation as a controlling factor for soil carbon dynamics

See presentations.

New climate change experiments META-database:
A new meta database for climate change experiments are available here - please register your experiment. Site, project, treatments, response measurements, data status, site characteristics, key reference, contacts person etc. here







Photo: Filip Moldan (IVL, SE)

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